Helen Farrell

Registered Counsellor and therapist Adv Dip MBACP


How counselling works and nature therapy:

You, the client, remain at the centre of everything we do. I will not judge or criticise you but rather seek to understand your situation.

I will help and encourage you to learn more about yourself, in particular why some patterns of behaviour may be blocking your own happiness.

You can express your feelings in an open way, however bad or ugly you consider these to be, in order that you may begin to find your way forward.

We can work indoors or outdoors; I offer room based sessions and also nature therapy. Sometimes described as "green therapy", "ecotherapy" and "outdoor therapy", we can work together outdoors and experience the wonders of the natural world as we meander through local woodlands. Research has revealed that reconnecting with nature can significantly and positively impact depression, anxiety and stress.

Everyone's reason for coming to counselling is different, counselling can help when we are experiencing:

Relationship difficulties

Feeling anxious, overwhelmed or trapped

Times of crisis

Finding self confidence and self esteem

Problems that are getting in the way of living life to the full

Anxiety, stress or depression

Learning to live and cope with past events

Bereavement and loss

Fees: Following an initial session that is free of charge, subsequent sessions of 1 hour are charged at £45

Nature therapy is £65 for 1.5 hours and £90 for 2 hours

Indoors or outdoors?

We will always begin our work inside; my room is private and located behind my house. Once we have had a couple of sessions, you may find the idea of working outside appealing. Following my own research, specialist training and trials work in 2019, I was thrilled and humbled to experience the healing power that "Mother Nature" has to offer. It is an option we can discuss.

For further information and/or appointments phone or text